10 Relatos Bajo la Cordillera

10 Stories Under The Mountain Range, Macchina Gallery, Chile, 2013.  Credits: Sebastián Mejía.
10 Relatos bajo la cordillera, Galería Macchina, Chile, 2013. Crédito: Sebastián Mejía.

In the exhibition 10 Stories Under the Mountain Chain, the space is inundated by a whisper that emanates from each of the floating objects, like flotsam adrift on an invisible, frozen, sea. Whispers incite the touch that activates the monologues recited by each immigrant that participated, not only with their stories, but also in the creation of each one of their objects. The objects demand physical closeness, a characteristic that is a trait often uncharacteristic of the immigrants who, through their vague stories tell us how the act of waiting –waiting to be able to return– is transformed into the common denominator… The objects are like nests that shelter the different voices; they are messengers of those invisible impressions that emerge from the stories of the journey to Chile.

Extract: ‘Elogio de la Pulcritud’ – Justo Pastor Mellado